Camera captures still or motion-filled footage in high resolution and under difficult light conditions – including complete darkness. That’s because it delivers 4K resolution at 25/30 fps and features all our brilliant Axis light-compensating features. 

Forensic WDR for clarity when there are both dark and light areas in the scene. P-iris for optimal depth of field, resolution and image contrast. Axis Lightfinder for color images in near darkness. And Axis OptimizedIR, which fully illuminates completely dark scenes for up to 25 meters (82 ft).  

4K at 25/30 fps  Excellent for high definition capture 

Optimized IR IR to cover wide range  

Forensic WDR  Big difference between the darkest and the brightest spots in a scene? Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology make the difference between seeing important forensic details clearly and seeing nothing but a blur. Without WDR technology, images may be underexposed or overexposed, making it impossible to identify objects and people. Our WDR technology solves this by applying multiple exposure levels, contrast enhancement, and advanced algorithms that lower noise and increase the image signal.  So now you can place your cameras exactly where you need them, with no need to worry about difficult lighting. Without WDR technology, images may be underexposed or overexposed, making it impossible to identify objects and people. 

Lightfinder  Lightfinder technology delivers high-resolution, full color video with a minimum of motion blur even in near darkness 


1. Internet An internet connection on the construction site would be mandatory to send the snapshots to a centralised location. A minimum of 2-3 Mbps upload bandwidth will be required to upload the high resolution snapshots  

2. Pole Depending on the site, we need to have assess the location of a pole or any surrounding building to mount the camera to the optimum position. 

3. UPS  in case of power cuts on site 


Our software solution has the following features 

1. Management of the system 

2. Algorithm to continuously check for the pictures received 

3. Email functions to notify users 

4. Google drive/dropbox to share pictures 

Time lapse Features 

1. Any naming convention of the files. 
2. Can be configured with a minimum of 1 snapshot per 5 minutes. 
3. Push feature  camera sends to Hard Drive (google drive or dropbox) 
4. Pull feature  server pulls from camera. 
5. Email generation in case of issue from both Server & Camera. 

To Achieve years of Pictures, Reliability is the key

With our current project we have around 2 years of pictures taken every 5 minutes.