Overhead People Count

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Whether it is a narrow or a wide entrances, our overhead counting system can handle any width

Easy Set-up

Either Cloud or On-premise. Just connect your foot counting cameras to the internet and have a custom made reporting.

Overhead People Count

With overhead Counting, you do not miss out on anyone entering & leaving your mall. 


Understand your trends and track all your promotional Events 

Store data on Camera directly 

Even if you have a network/cabling problem, data is kept on the camera itself and sync back once problem has been resolved

Real-time weather map

Have a real-time weather map to understand what could have caused a drop in the footfall

Integrate with 3rd party


Dashboard - Track & Analyse

With The dashboard real-time monitoring is easily achieved. Any user who has access to the system can have the reports in real-time and can have their own custom made reports as per entrances or by sites.