From FACE / Iris recognition to PIN code terminals 
    ​Up to 3m face recognition - Mobile App face enrollment

    Watch Face Recognition Decription

User & Terminal Management Software 

Easy deployment of hardware and software. integration with payrol.jhshdxmiudwhnxisudhnxisduahnxiasdhnxsiudgnxfiuasdnhagnq

Easy Set-up

Flexible User Interface

Visitor Management

Time & Attendance

ERP Integration

User Defined Reports

Off-site mobile Attendance



Real-Time Monitoring

Mobile APP Payroll

Leave Management

VMS integration

Remote Mobile APP enrollment



Authentication Types

Since all clients have different specific needs, we provide  customized solutions to fulfill each and every requirements so that our clients can save time & money without compromising on security

Face Recognition

optional : Face recognition up to 3 meters (while walking)  with mobile APP for easy face enrollment on the go 

Face Detection (non-bio-metric)

Detects Face (without recognition) Face picture & GPS location sent to central server. Face should be present in front of terminal's camera in order to authenticate (card or PIN)


Mobile Key - APP

Send user an SMS  to remotely give access (one time access)  by date/time/period. For deliveries, personnel that needs to access premises but does not have any card/fingerprint and or PIN

Depending on type of terminals used, several  authentications can be used to achieve the desired authentication mode per user


Each user's PIN can be generated from the central software.

Finger Print

Up to five Fingers per user

Iris Recognition

GPS For mobile Terminals

Mobile terminals has the ability to send GPS locations to make sure the users are at their respective sites

Terminal Features

All terminals are different in their respective ways. Depending on the client's requirement, proper advice & info are given while choosing the right terminal 

Touch Screen

 Touch screen gives additional information to the users while authenticating. Example User's name/ID and a user message can be read during authentication. Also this gives our client the ability to perform specific configuration right on the terminal itself (especially for cloud based system or centralized system where main software is OFF-site) 


Users can Authenticate with their mobile phones and also open a Door/Gate/Elevator with their phones. For Administrators, bluetooth can be used for easy configuration of the terminal


For outdoor/harsh environment

Vandal Proof

For environments that are subject for vandalism. Usually outdoor public areas.

In-Built GPS 

For mobile terminals where the user's location is needed during authentication

Mobile APP

Mobile application that communicated with the terminal. And for easy enrollment

USB On the go

For remote places where internet or having a server is not possible. Data can be trasffered with all security to a central software


For field workers

Control All your systems on one platform

Having all your system on one platform not only saves time but also gives you the power to manage easily without it being a hassle.

Door Interlock

For clients who needs added security. Only one door can be opned at a time. mainly used for clean rooms or high security area where a RAZ is needed.  (controlled/restricted access zone) 

Full-Height Turnstile

Half-Height Turnstile

Licence Plate Recognition

Have your number plates on the access control platform for easy management

Payroll / Time & Attendance

Long Range Readers

Vehicle Access Control with Ultra High Fruency tags

Powerful Software - Have all your Applications on one Platform

Boom Barriers

Long range readers or just card readers

Elevator control

manage each user's floor and maintenance can have the freedom to go anywhere

Automatic Doors

Control any type of Automatic Doors


Control any type of motorized gates


Check your footage to counter verify who access your site

Patented FAKE fingerprint Detection

Fingerprint cannot be stolen

Face Recognition cannot be stolen